First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid: Dr. Rani Whitfield Opens Discussion for World Stroke Day, Partners with Dee-1 for “F.A.S.T”

Mind. Body. Spirit.

First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid is keen on having the health conversations that many are either afraid to have, don’t know the right questions to ask or go completely ignored. Her latest guest Dr. Rani Whitfield is playing a key role in furthering those discussions especially with his recent work alongside the American Heart Association. The two were able to grab the purpose driven Dee-1 for a special track geared towards recognizing the (F.A.S.T) signs of a stroke choosing to use quality music to spread the word.

Whitfield has long been known as the Hip Hop Doc and if creating songs for change/awareness doesn’t spell out “Hip Hop” to you nothing will, think it’s pretty safe to say the nickname is fitting. Support the song right here as he continues efforts beyond World Stroke Day.

Check out the full interview below and remember the “F.A.S.T.” signs as well.

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