First Aid With Kelly Kinkaid: Dr. Ian Smith Share his Secret on How to Cleanse The Right Way to Lose Weight & Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Video by Nahgee

We take physical and mental health very seriously here at Sway’s Universe, to keep us on track we have the wonderful Kelly Kinkaid to deliver her weekly first aid.  This weeks guest, Dr. Ian Smith, is a master when it comes to cleansing.

But instead of your regular, run of the mill cleanse, Dr. Smith has created a program that will give you the correct amount of calories so you don’t feel tired and dehydrated.  Complete with recipes for amazing smoothies, shakes and salads, Dr. Ian is helping people gear up for the new year.

Don’t wait until December though, you can get started right now on Dr. Ian’s site,  Check out the full interview and start your cleanse the right way.

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