First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid: Dr. Ian Smith Explains Why You Should Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet

Best-selling author Dr. Ian K. Smith is back on Sway in the Morning to drop some knowledge. This time he’s here to talk about America’s obsession with sweets and his latest book, “Blast the Sugar Out!” His book aims to guide diabetic or pre-diabetic people into a healthier lifestyle. “I wrote this book because my grandmother was a type 2 diabetic and because I realized that so many of us are diabetics. One out of three Americans has diabetes in some form.” The book also breaks down how individuals can lose weight by reducing their sugar consumption.

Smith tells us why diet soda isn’t a good substitute for soda in general, lays out the composition of soda, and outlines the problem with artificial sugar/sweeteners. Smith reveals the five key factors for reducing sugar consumption: habits, schedule, choices, exercise and maintenance. Smith encourages viewers to have a blood glucose test every year to see where they fall on the scale of diabetes.

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