First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid: Dr. Frank Lipman Discusses ‘Top 10 Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat’, Overcoming Stress and Leading a Happy, Healthy Lifestyle

Video by YSKSK Media

Is getting old a blessing or something we should constantly fear? For many it seems like hearing “man, you’re getting old” is something to avoid but why? Maybe it is because of the things you associate with getting old, do you think of aging as a one word description to aches, pains and losing certain functionality we enjoy in our youth? We brought in Dr. Frank Lipman for First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid to help change the perception of getting old and provide us with some great proactive tips to increase not only our organ functionality as we age but help us mentally prepare for the inevitable fact…we are all getting older.

Beyond the great conversation, Dr. Lipman is also a New York Times best selling author, his latest book ‘Top Ten Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat’ goes into detail about the issues everyone faces as they age and gives us ways to cope with stress, what to avoid and much more. Whether it is listening to more Bob Marley to change the natural rhythm of our body, yoga or other helpful ways to change our reaction to everyday stress – it is definitely something you should pick up. There you go, one more way to relax and stop the negative effects of aging…pick up a book and chill.

Check out the great interview below:

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