First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid: Dr. Antonio J. Webb Opens Up About Preparing for an Active Shooter Situation

In the wake of tragedy in Orlando recently and Paris this past fall, many have brought up the question of survival tactics during a terror attack. Looking to help people put some sort of plan in place for a potentially harmful situation we recently had Dr. Antonio J. Webb call into First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid to speak on his experiences in active duty and how you can prepare for an attack of any kind.

Webb opens up about his book “Overcoming The Odds: From War on the Streets in Louisiana to War on Terrorism in Iraq, How I Successfully Overcame the Odds” and gives his take on dangerous situations.

He walks Sway and Kelly through his acronym PEP which stands for plan, evacuate and protect. Focusing on the importance of always being aware in the plan stage he moves into evacuate and controlling your breathing to not freeze up. Opening up about protecting yourself he stresses the importance of keeping quiet to not attract attention.

Listen to the full conversation below and head to Amazon to read Webb’s new book.

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