First Aid With Kelly Kinkaid: Dealing With The Struggles of Alcoholism

Each week we bring health and positive lifestyle choices to the forefront of Sway In The Morning for First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid.  Since April is alcohol awareness month, this weeks topic deals with just that as we look at alcoholism and ways to deal with the problem more that 18 million Americans struggle with each day.

Bringing in Kevin Milhurn and Dorothy Reynoso from Green Point Outreach we hear what separates those who enjoy drinking recreationally with those who suffer from alcoholism.  Citing different statistics about the dangers of alcoholism Milhurn and Reynoso reveal that they have treated kids as young as 13 for alcohol and drug related troubles.

From helping out in your own community to being completely honest with children about the risks and dangers of alcohol and drug use we hear Milhurn and Reyoso give advice and suggestions as to deal with family and friends who are currently suffering.  Check out the full interview below and don’t be afraid to visit for more information.

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