Autism, a term that we have all heard but may not be educated on what exactly it is and how it affects children. The month of April is Autism Awareness Month and served as a perfect time for us to learn more about what has become unfortunately one of the fastest growing development disorders in America.

This special First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid visit from Agnes Davis, who runs a great program ‘Swim Swim Swim I Say‘ offers kids affected by the disorder an opportunity to build confidence, grow and have fun in a supportive environment. As with others of its kind early detection is important, so what are early signs to watch out for? How exactly does it affect the 1 in 68 kids that are being born with it?

Check out the full interview above to learn more about Autism across the board, from a parent’s perspective to someone that would like to learn more driven by a want to contribute down the road.

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