First Aid: How to Help Save Lives on the Scene of a Mass Shooting

First Aid: How to Help Save Lives on the Scene of a Mass Shooting

There has been 249 mass shootings to date in the United States. In our latest edition of First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid, we welcome Nurse Noel to our Sway in the Morning studio to teach us what to do if we find ourselves in the vicinity of a mass shooting and how to help a neighbor who has been shot.

Often times, it’s innocent bystanders who are on the scene before professional first responders — under the Obama administration, a Government initiative has launched called ‘Stop the Bleed’ on how to help save lives on a scene of a shooting or stabbing.

Nurse Noel advised all our citizens to do the following; alert medical professionals, “you can even call 911 and just drop the phone,” she mentioned, in an effort to highlight the importance of taking action.

Secondly, Nurse Noel strongly urges us to apply pressure to the wound with both hands for a minimum of 5-minutes. You could even use a belt, pants, a shirt or shoe laces to help stop the bleeding by tying it a few inches above the wound.

Find more details on and enroll in classes in your local community. Watch below.

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