Finesse Mitchell on Taking Inspiration from J. Cole’s Management Team for His Role on “Roadies” + Impersonates Obama and Bernie Sanders

From BET’s “Comic View” to SNL and many more, Finesse Mitchell brings his blunt, honest comedy with him wherever he goes.

Joining Sway in the Morning to speak on his role on the new Showtime series “Roadies,” Mitchell opens things up by joking about BET money as Sway speaks on executive producing “One Shot.”

Mitchell goes on to tell the back story of “Roadies” and how the idea come about 13 years ago between JJ Abrams and Cameron Crowe. Coming full circle now he has nothing but great words to say about fellow cast members Carla Gugino, Ron White and MGK.

Branching off about showing up and working various events Mitchell recalls seeing Sway at this year’s Super Bowl. Revealing that he watched the game with J. Cole’s management team he tells the crew about taking inspiration for his “Roadies” character from what he picked up on from their talk of Cole’s previous tour.

Before leaving Mitchell stays for celebrity wire and gives his hilarious take on Iggy and Nick Young and also does a great impression of both Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.

Watch above and tune into Showtime on Sunday for “Roadies”

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