Film and TV Icon Rob Reiner on How Drugs Almost Tore Apart his Family in the film “Being Charlie”

Video by YSKSK

A true staple in the comedy and television world, Rob Reiner and the “All In The Family” inspired other shows like “The Jeffersons,” “Maude” and “Good Times.” With 2 Emmy’s under his belt as well as 9 Golden Globe nominations Reiner has been branching out in his career over time.

Joining us this week to speak on his new film “Being Charlie,” a story co-written by his son Nick loosely revolving around his drug problems as a teen, Reiner speaks on how he was affected by his sons actions. Learning never before heard stories while directing the film, Reiner speaks on how the film forced he and his son to understand what they each went through during this dark time.

Speaking on helping people with substance abuse issues rather then incarcerating them, Reiner opens up about not blaming certain cultures for drug addiction and use. During his time Reiner also speaks on the score of the movie and making light out of some very dark depictions.

Watch the full interview above and check out “Being Charlie” in theaters starting this Friday.

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