Fetty Wap Has You in Mind with "D.A.M (Dats All Me)"

When an artist finds that perfect lane, it is almost impossible to slow them once they hit their stride. Fetty Wap is a perfect example as he is everywhere right now from tearing down the biggest stages to graciously accepting awards, he has that undeniable ability to send the internet into a frenzy with every release. Not to mention having the proper notice given on this year’s XXL Freshman list, this proving to be a sign of things to come for Fetty and much success.

His latest drop “D.A.M. (Dats All Me)” takes on the “you stunt, I stunt, we stunt together ” approach for one of those lady inspired tracks people are going to create great memories from. Speaking to that someone that matches the fly, that hustle and look as he did with the smash hit “Trap Queen” but putting a smooth touch on it catering to the ladies once again.

Check it out below and enjoy the rest of #FettySeason:

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