“Fear The Walking Dead” Actress Mercedes Mason Shares Her Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tactics & Coming to America from Sweden at 13

America’s zombie sensation just keeps on growing with “Fear The Walking Dead” on AMC. Set as the prequel to “The Walking Dead,” actress Mercedes Mason joins Sway in the Morning to elaborate on the plot further.

Being that there’s a certain amount of fear coinciding with zombies and fending for yourself in an¬†apocalypse, Mason shares how she would go about surviving by herself. Joking about her fear of spiders and heights, she makes it clear that she would bash a skull in if need be during an apocalypse.

Coming to America from Sweden as a teenager knowing very little English we hear Mason’s hilarious yet sad story of her classmates tricking her to say six in Swedish, pronounced ‘sex.’ Mason also opens up about the incredible equality for women in Sweden and how she was the odd duck as a brunette.

Finishing the interview reaching into Sway’s mystery sack, Mason reveals her choice for fuck, marry, kill with Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.

Check out the full interview above and tune into AMC on Sunday nights for “Fear The Walking Dead.”

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