Facebook Messenger Unveils Instant Games

When it comes to keeping us all connected all the time, Facebook does a pretty good job of doing exactly that. Today they are looking to bring a little competition to the world of Facebook Messenger with a new option for our enjoyment. Facebook Messenger recently included a new layer called ‘Instant Games,’ allowing you to battle anyone on your friend’s list in a classic game or two. This unique new platform is easy and quite fun, letting you choose a game and play it right away while giving your friend an option to beat your high score.

‘Instant Games’ also features a leaderboard, which is sure to start some trash talking among friends, and features another interesting way to connect with your pals. With games such as PAC-MAN, Galaga, SPACE INVADERS, EverWing, TRACK & FIELD 100M and Words with Friends: Frenzy, expect plenty of competition and action coming very soon! Head over to Facebook Messenger and get started. Check out the short video below to learn how!

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