Facebook Is Set To Debut 24 Original Shows

The creative minds at Facebook are back in the news, this time aiming to take on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu with their latest news. Today the word on the e-streets is that Facebook Is Set To Debut 24 Original Shows. The news comes down from Business Insider who reports that Facebook plans include two different types of shows, large, longer programs and short segments.

The large-scale programs will come with bigger production budgets, while the short segments will be about 10 minutes per episode that would refresh every 24 hours. While this is not the first time, Facebook has tried to bring services to life that other companies have started, though they are looking to make big moves with this. No word yet on how Facebook will handle the launch or how plans will be carried out, but it is certainly interesting news. Give us your take on the news below and stay tuned for more on this coming very soon!

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