Fabolous has been on one lately, but he explains why in his latest video for "This Is How You Made Me"

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

In his latest track, Fabolous raps,

Last time I trust a n*gga he betrayed me / Last time I trust a b*tch she played me / pardon me if I’ve been online lately / this is how you n*gga’s made me

That’s right. You heard him right.

The loveable F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S opens up about his trust issue’s and catches a little bit of attitude in his latest with “This Is How You Made Me” — the track comes directly off of Fab’s latest album, The Young OG Project, which features Tish Hyman.

Full of surprises, that’s not the only feature Fab brings in this music video. The visuals for “You Made Me” also showcases a cameo from DJ Envy and DJ Clue intertwined with scene’s that are inspired by the movie Back To The Future.  Take it back one time and peep the music video in-full, below:



He’s just a big kid that likes to play with words. The most consistent artists in the music world are the one’s who continue to be a student in the game; constantly learning. The brilliant Fabolous is no exception, as he sat back and studied for a few years, he saw a void in the quality of music during the month of December, so he decided to start releasing his own mixtapes to properly fill that void. During his time with Sway and the crew, Fab explains why his golden concept of the tracks, such as: “This Is How You Made Me” — were deeply influenced by the 90’s. Watch his sit-down with Sway and the crew, and learn from this young O.G.:

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