Experience The Third Dimension With Sahil’s Debut EP

The West London producer delivers a solid introduction, by bringing ethereal sounds to the electronic & hip hop worlds.

With the focus primarily on London’s re-emerging Grime scene, experimental producer Sahil steps out with his debut solo project. Having gained the attention of DJ Complexion, Sahil has wowed fans with singles such as The Matrix-sampling “I Feel It” and the equally exciting “Protocol”. The new 6-track project is a short, digestible listen that has plenty of peaks and troughs, blending ethereal soundscapes and eccentric drum patterns, with subtle vocal samples and movie excerpts peppered throughout.

The Third Dimension feels like a completed piece that tells a unique story for the listener to unravel within themselves. With hands dipped in both the electronic and hip hop trends, this EP is a gripping introduction and will be a hit for those who like to dabble in the darker side of music.

Stream it below and download it here.

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