Exclusive: Troy Ave Speaks on His Joey Bada$$ Diss Song on Sway in the Morning

If you’ve been watching on Twitter, there’s been an on going back-and-forth between Joey Badass and Troy Ave.

Joey’s jab was quick on his ‘Ready’ track: “My n—a Kirk just outsold Troy Ave,” he rapped, referencing his Pro Era brethren Kirk Knight’s Late Knight Special album.

Troy circled back with a full song conveniently titling it ‘Bad Ass.’

According to MTV, Troy was similarly direct in his reaction: “You sold a couple records but nobody cares/ You never on the radio cause nobody cares/ You don’t matter so you mad, bro, nobody cares,” he raps, before later taking things quite a bit further, mentioning Capital Steez, the rapper and friend of Joey’s who committed suicide in 2012. “Don’t get suicidal like your friend, here’s a casket/ Steez burning in hell, my burner’s in my belt.”

Today, Troy called in to Sway in the Morning to talk about it. Do you think he took it too far with the line about Joey’s friend committing suicide? Listen below.

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