Exclusive: GPM Prince Drops Video for “Splash”

Exclusive: GPM Prince Drops Video for “Splash”

“Splash” is the new single from GPM Prince J off his latest project The Transition, which is available now on all digital platforms. The album serves as an inspirational lift to all those out there’s on the grind hustling. And “Splash” being the lead song gives us the vibe Prince J is on.

Splash was my own lingo for the most part – a lot of people use the word dripping, especially when the see me with so much real jewelry on. I like to be different. It’s basically like you come in a room, or you’re around people and you just stand out no matter what. The Transition project is really telling people my story and life lessons I learned in the streets. At the same time, it’s the ins and outs, the good with the bad. Most important though, it is about changing to become successful, no matter where you come from or how you were raised.

GMP Prince J

Watch the video below and follow GMP Prince J for more music.

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