Exclusive: Eso.XO.Supreme Links with Tony Ro$e on “NASA”

Exclusive: Eso.XO.Supreme Links with Tony Ro$e on “NASA”

Photo by Dove

Eso.XO.Supreme has been building his sound with vibes hits like “Contact”, “Do It” and “Bad Ting”. The Portland, Oregon native is keeping his foot on the gas with his new album Amnesia and lead single “NASA” Featuring Tony Ro$e.

The idea for “NASA” came together when I was watching a creepy vampire movie, Byzantium, in my studio listening to a batch of beats from Austin Nix. There’s a scene where this beautiful waterfall turns blood red, indicating that a human has been transformed into a vampire. It was almost like the beat was a soundttrack to it. It instantly inspired me to start writing.


Watch the official video “NASA” below.

Amnesia just dropped with 28 tracks featuring Freeway, WrittenxRene, Clemmye, Malcolm Lewis and of course Tony Ro$e. Listen below.

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