Exclusive Eminem Freestyle on Sway In The Morning

You know Eminem couldn’t stop by with out toughing the mic. And he didn’t disappoint! A freestyle off the top, left nobody safe. All in good fun, Em talks about everyone from Caitlynn Jenner to Bill Cosby.

So, in a world where the true artistry of free styling off the top of the head about something of substance, is Eminem the best freestyle rapper out? Weigh in and let us know what you thought about Eminem’s bars.

Check out the full interview on SiriusXM.com/ondemand

  1. hey yo sway we really like swayinthemorning freestyles here in brasil man! you really worldwide bro

  2. was not impressed with the freestyle or the fact that he couldn’t make it on the show live. Oh well huh. We all know Eminem can freestyle better than that, he just wasn’t in the mood I guess. We wanted B Rabbit flows!

    1. to want what he could do 13 years ago in very unreasonable, plus as “b-Rabbit” all that shit was 100% written except for Lil Tics lyrics at the beginning, and it was done that way so he could purposely write the ‘opponents’ lyrics as worse than his own

      1. its pretty much the same shit hes been rapping about for years, hes just subbing in modern pop culture into the same lyrics. Thats one thing about his freestyles is he takes the same throw away shit and twists it, so its easier for him to spit it of the top… pretty much the same as any other freestyle rapper, youll notice they pretty much always rap about the same things when its off the top because its familiar territory

        1. Yeah. The only thing I would change is I wouldn’t use the word “shit”. It’s degrading to the art. It’s easier to be a critic than to be responsible for being entertaining for minutes on end without pre-determined material.

  3. I think it was off the top just a few punch lines but that like check points to bring out the heat…no holding back…..that’s how real it can get when you don’t lie…..in his zone tho…looks great…..man time flys huh

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