Eve Plumb Interview: Truth Behind Jan Brady + Starring in Fox’s first ever musical, ‘Grease: Live’

Eve Plumb Interview: Truth Behind Jan Brady + Starring in Fox’s first ever musical, ‘Grease: Live’

By Larry Simmons

Eve Plumb, long time star of the Brady Bunch, swung by SITM to offer a different perspective on the show and how it was viewed during the time it was on air vs now. Turned out to be a bit of an outcast due to the times and what the show was portraying. A gang of children, family dog and happiness pouring out seemed to serve as a “maybe one day we can too” for some viewers and for others it was a routine “can’t miss an episode” type affection – either way the show left a long standing imprint on television.

Refusing to be typecast the versatile, sweet Eve Plumb went from playing Jan Brady to transitioning into a more seductive role. Not what you would expect from a Brady cast member but it allowed her to take advantage of different opportunities/roles that may have not been available had she not expanded beyond the masses perception of her on screen character. All of that experience will be on center stage for the first ever FOX musical Grease Live, where she will be playing Mrs. Murdock.

Eve also dropped a few kind words about our president, showing love to Sway and Kelly who made a White House stop themselves recently. Without getting too deep into her personal political views, she definitely touched on a few points everyone probably echoes to a certain extent – “It seems like the biggest carnival clown gets the most attention instead of the candidate that’s putting sentences together and talking about something real.”

Great interview below and be sure to tune into Fox Grease Live Sunday January 31st.

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