Eva Longoria talks “Kiss This 4 MBC,” Working On Empire + Transitioning Into a Director

Eva Longoria talks “Kiss This 4 MBC,” Working On Empire + Transitioning Into a Director

The multitalented, ambitious, & beautiful actress, Eva Longoria, kicks off the day by sitting down with Sway in the Morning. Longoria is well-known for many things, but today she stopped by Sway in the Morning to discuss her role in the show, Empire. In inspiration of her character, Longoria jokes about how her character on Empire was a racist conservative, that was reminiscent of Sarah Palin. Longoria, stated, she was very excited to do the show Empire and that she is a fan of the show.

Longoria, also has her hand in many of shows. Longoria has been focusing on the landscape of television. She has directed the show Blackish and Jane The Virgin. “I want to direct Blackish, thats a story-telling I understand as a minority, Hispanic, and as a women,” said Longoria. Longoria also took the time to discuss  DACA. “For me, this isn’t a political issue, this is a moral issue,” said Longoria.

As the interview progresses, Longoria and Sway discuss the “Kiss This 4 MBC” campaign. The campaign is to ran to bring awareness to metastatic breast cancer. “30% of women who get diagnosed with breast cancer will develop metastatic breast cancer, and the difference with metastatic breast cancer is there is no cure,” said Longoria. Longoria teamed up with Novartis which is donating $10 per person, who post a selfie or boomerang, if you use the hashtag “Kiss This 4 MBC.”

Longoria talks about how this hits home for her, and the topic of metastatic breast cancer is personal to her. The campaign is on going, so definitely use the hashtag.

Watch the interview on Eva Longoria, as she talks “Kiss This 4 MBC”


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