Ethan Hawke on the Possibility of a “Training Day” TV Series, Gives Insight into Past Roles & New Film “Regression”

If you’re a fan of film in any sense the name Ethan Hawke should ring true in your head. Starring in movies such as “Training Day,” “Dead Poets Society,” “Good Kill” and many many more, Hawke has racked up 4 Academy Award nominations over the years.  Joining Sway in the Morning to speak on his newest film “Regression,” Hawke fills us in on untold stories behind some of his biggest projects.

From “Good Kill” being passed over due to its serious subject matter with its reference to drone strikes to the director of “Before Sunrise” making it a point to focus on making a film about truly connecting with another human, Hawke’s experiences have a vast appeal to many.

As far as his latest film “Regression” goes, Hawke elaborates on the story line and the director, Alejandro Amenábar’s history of surprise endings. You can see for yourself this Friday when the film hits theaters.

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