Escape To Your Own Private Island At Bird Island

Escape To Your Own Private Island At Bird Island

Look, vacation is all about getting away, taking in something new and providing an experience for yourself that you would not otherwise do. Well, today we have got the perfect spot to do all of that and much more, all while relaxing in a tropical paradise. Bird Island is located in the Caribbean just off the coast of Belize providing a perfect off-grid paradise.

The island is just a 20-minute boat ride from the mainland, offering accommodations for six spread out between the main house and two separate cabanas. The main house features a kitchen and living room, while power comes from solar and wind generators. Water is collected and filtered on-side, providing a self-sufficient way of living. Take a trip, do some swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking; all while enjoying paradise in the process. Have a look at the retreat in the images below and start planning your trip to Bird Island immediately.

Photos provided by Airbnb

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