Erykah Badu Hosts 3-Day ‘One Woman Live Nudity’ Improv Event at Dallas Black Academy of Arts and Letters

Erykah Badu Hosts 3-Day ‘One Woman Live Nudity’ Improv Event at Dallas Black Academy of Arts and Letters

It’s rare to see such a talent like hers on display especially in the very environment where she honed those skills as a youth. Erykah Badu is more than just “Bag Lady”, more than “Tyrone” (even though her Hotline Bling remix was dope and the mixtape ‘But You Caint Use My Phone‘ continues the theme) and even bigger than her four Grammys – she is truly an artist in every sense of the word. We knew she was never afraid to bare it all (just ask the Dealey Plaza spectators back in 2010) and the 3-day event is called “Live Nudity” but seeing her get on stage and flow between an hour worth of singing, improv and sketch comedy was incredible. It goes to show you that creativity never really fades when it’s something you love and constantly foster.

The Dallas Black Academy of Arts and Letters brought everything full circle for Badu. How would you feel coming back to perform an exclusive 3-day show on the stage that gave birth to your artistic dreams as a student? Nervous? Excited? She admits the experience had her “petrified” beforehand due to those very reasons but also because in large part she had no real set plan for the 60 minutes. She had markers and props of course but as far as word for word scripted? No Need. There isn’t really a way to describe watching her use the entire stage to display her artistic vision. Acting, Singing, the intimate conversations with fans and her overall presence was surreal.

Not only do we feel obligated to thank Erykah Badu for continuing to express that genius level creativity by any means necessary but applaud the Dallas Black Academy of Arts and Letters for birthing a star in the heart of the city. These 3 days of Badu are an unofficial holiday for attendees.

Can’t wait for the mixtape this week and be sure to catch the 2015 Soul Train Music Awards that she will be hosting November 29th.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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