Erick Sermon Praises Sway for Keeping Culture Alive, Almost Signing Rick Ross and 'ESP' Album

One of the names that will always be associated with hip hop and the culture that embodies it, Erick Sermon, stopped by for our Friday Fire cypher bearing gifts beyond just what he can do musically. The list of artists that Erick Sermon has worked with is enormous, ranging from KRS-One to Jay-Z. One word: longevity. Okay, maybe a few more beyond the music as his entrepreneurial spirit led him to launching Def Rugs. What exactly is it? Check out the interview for details.

But, definitely not before you witness his take on what the culture looks like through his eyes…and the list of artists that he contemplated signing at point. WOW. Definitely great perspective and a resume that verifies every word.

The new project ESP (Erick Sermon Perception) has incredible features from Method Man & Redman to Tyler, the Creator and even the young, talented Jarren Benton. Be on the lookout for that album but as for now, enjoy Erick Sermon as he joins us for the Friday Fire cypher and great conversation.

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