Eric Dane Showcases his Hip-Hop Knowledge by Speaking on the Legacy of KRS-One, Talks Working with Michael Bay + Plays Pick Your Poison with DB

While many know Eric Dane as McSteamy on “Grey’s Anatomy,” but how many people know how much hip-hop knowledge this Cali native possesses?  We sat down with “The Last Ship” star to talk hip-hop legends and the production value of his current work on TNT’s new hit series.

With the second season on “The Last Ship” airing on TNT this Sunday (June 21), Dane takes us through the production value of this movie-like show.  From renting a multi billion dollar Navy ship to working with the legendary Michael Bay, Dane is very excited about “The Last Ship.”

From growing up seeing De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest in intimate venues to attending a birthday party where KRS-One performed a 40 minute set at a friends home, Eric Dane knows his hip-hop hand down.  Dane reveals to Sway that he listened to The Wake Up Show and even purchased one of their mixtapes.  He outlines his love for KRS-One as he and Sway breakdown why he never went mainstream.

Closing out the show by playing Pick Your Poison with BD, Dane choses his answers wisely as he has the crew in stitches.  Check out the exclusive interview below and follow along with Eric Dane on Twitter @RealEricDane.

  1. Eric Dane the man…..still think of what he said of krs1 and his view of rap life huh that’s right SWAY your point

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