words by Isaiah Williams

TNT’s, The Last Ship, star, Eric Dane, sits down and chats with Sway In The Morning. Dane brings a very relaxed & humbled mindset to the studio. Along with that Dane brings a very insightful passion into the interview. After recently watching the Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine documentary, Dane finds himself listening to a lot of Dr. Dre music as of recent.

Dane then dives in to a deep topic on the word “purpose” and how he views it. For Dane, the word “purpose” generates an idea of a selfless endeavor. Dane credits his wife when he mentions what he thinks is “purposeful.” Danes wife, has been helping out the homeless for the past 17 years.

Dane, being the star of the show, The Last Ship, talks about season 4 of the show. Dane goes into detail to discuss with the crew, that they have also been shooting for season 5 of the show. He then discusses how the crew for The Last Ship, works very closely with the Navy. As Dane discusses working on the set, he also goes into conversation about his depression, during the time the cast was shooting for The Last Ship. Now that Dane has overcome his depression, he feels like he is back to his old self.

You can watch the two-hour season premiere of The Last Ship, Sunday, August 20th. Watch below as Eric Dane goes into detail on overcoming his depression, and what gives him purpose!


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