Enjoy the 'Southpaw' Movie Soundtrack Stream + Catch Eminem's Full Length Interview on Shade 45

Enjoy the 'Southpaw' Movie Soundtrack Stream + Catch Eminem's Full Length Interview on Shade 45

Before you go check out the brand new film ‘Southpaw‘ starring Jake Gyllenhaal tonight as it enters the box office ring hoping to score a knockout, enjoy the Eminem executive produced soundtrack stream right here. We have been waiting on this film for awhile now and can’t wait to see the years of hard work show up on the big screen. Hearing the grueling training stories of Jake Gyllenhaal as he had to re-sculpt his body coming from the undersized reporter in ‘Nightcrawler’ to a boxing champion’s physique kind of puts thing in perspective when it comes to the amount of work these guys really put in.

Even during his recent visit to Shade 45, Eminem shared with us the film’s incredible journey going from a scripted idea to manifesting into an amazing film and his involvement in the entire process. The lyrical giant was actually contemplating starring in the movie but decided against it once he weighed film vs. his passion in music – both behind the mic as well as production. Not to worry though, his imprint still remains in the film as he curated the entire soundtrack including a few original tracks for the film “Kings Never Die” and “Phenomenal”. Both of which carry a fitting title for Em and ‘Southpaw’.

Check out the ‘Southpaw’ soundtrack below on your way to see the film tonight. Afterwards, you may want to sit back and enjoy the full length Eminem and Paul Rosenberg interview which includes one of the most clever freestyles you’ll ever hear. Then again, how many times have we said that after hearing mind blowing word play from the one and only Slim Shady? Greatness nonetheless, enjoy.

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