Enjoy A Stay At The Waiheke Island Tent House

Your next vacation should be a real treat; you deserve it. Today we take a look at The Waiheke Island Tent House, a beautiful retreat in New Zealand that is sure to provide quite a memorable experience. The Waiheke Island Tent House mimics the simplicity of a pitched tent with its A-frame construction, allowing ample views of the surrounding areas.

The home offers clean lines and sharp angles that provide a contemporary approach while the exterior features black tin. Inside a smooth contrast appears, with a crisp white look and outstanding attention to detail. The ground floor is host to the kitchen, living area, and sculpted spiral staircase, while a lofted bedroom provides excellent views. A wall of glass provides ample light while views of the rainforest are a sight worth taking in. Have a look at this beautiful retreat and start planning your stay right here, right now. Stay tuned for more amazing retreats and resorts coming soon.

Photos provided by Chris Tate

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