Empire's Yazz The Greatest and Jussie Smollet Breakdown the Empire Storyline, Making Their Own Music + Yazz Freestyles Live!

Joining Sway In The Morning before the “Empire” two-hour season 1 finale on Wednesday, stars Yazz The Greatest and Jussie Smollett break down the story line of the show and discuss how they make music versus how music is made for the show.

Starting the interview speaking with Yazz, Sway and the crew learn that he and his character Hakeem Lyon both have a big heart and are smooth with the ladies.  Joking about being pursued by cougar’s, Yazz speaks on working with the stunningly talented Naomi Campbell who plays his girlfriend on the show.

Filled with excitement about his night out the day before, Smollett reveals his love for Lil Kim and how she shouted him out at Legendary Damon’s birthday party.  Going off the subject of clubs, Yazz shares his thoughts on hearing “Empire” music on the radio and hearing about it making its debut in clubs around the country.

On the subject of music we hear the type of artists Yazz The Greatest and Jussie Smollett are outside of “Empire” as the break down the similarities and differences between music they make for the show and music they would make personally.

Breaking down the current storyline of “Empire” we hear thoughts from both men on Lucious Lyon and his constant betrayal.  Both men also speak on their faith and how they thank God and the creators of “Empire” every day.

Check out the full interview below along with a hot freestyle from Yazz The Greatest and make sure to tune into FOX on Wednesday for the season 1 finale.

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