Empire Actress Bre Z Speaks on Her First Big Acting Role, Needing to Get Into Her Bedroom to Know her Sexual Orientation + Rips Apart A Live Freestyle

Video by YSKSK Media

Starring in “Empire,” Bre Z aka Freda Gatz is making major waves on the FOX series after her debut last season. Spitting gritty rhymes and not changing for anyone, her loyal demeanor makes it easy to want to see her win. Flowing effortlessly through the role it’s hard to believe that this is Bre Z’s very first acting gig. Joining Sway in the Morning she opens up about how she made it to “Empire” and her plans going forward.

Born in Philly she speaks on getting comfortable with her raspy voice as she jokes that her mom sometimes mistakes her for her brother on the phone. Making music for years now she opens up about how she prefers her studio sessions. Drug and alcohol free to avoid distractions, these temptations don’t effect her but those she surrounds herself with. Given the name Bre Z by her grandmother following a crying stint with the window open in her hospital room, she jokes about how she’s still always cold.

Writing her own music as a part of her job description Bre Z speaks on receiving a phone call from someone to recommend her for the role of Freda Gatz. After taking some time to memorize her lines for the audition she overcame being uncomfortable with a script and landed the role.

Speaking on the nature of Freda Gatz, Bre Z speaks on people’s judgement of her and assumption that she’s a lesbian. Answering with poise she boldly states that someone would need to make it in her bedroom to know her sexual orientation. With work at the forefront of everything she speaks on not having time to date or worry about anyone other than herself.

Before taking off she steps to the mic like a true emcee and blasts a live freestyle, now if only she could get a rematch against Hakeem in a battle. Check out the full interview above and tune into FOX on Wednesday nights at 9/8 CT for “Empire.”

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