Emmy Rossum Speaks on Being Recently Engaged and Gives Her Candid Opinion on Open Relationships

With the 6th season of Shameless coming to Showtime this Sunday we had the wonderful Emmy Rossum in the studio to speak on the show and so much more!

It’s rare to have a stable acting career where you keep the same job for many years and that’s what Emmy Rossum loves so much about Shameless.  Moving quickly from her career to her personal life, Sway notices Emmy’s ring and asks about her engagement.  Planning a big wedding after eloping with her first husband at the age of 20, Rossum gives us lots of information except the way her fiancé proposed as she’s saving that for a friends book.

Listening to Heather B’s marriage advice the conversation switches drastically to talk of open relationships. Rossum tells a story about some friends from LA who thought it was weird she was planning on having a monogamous relationship and the rest you need to hear for yourself.

Check out the full interview and keep up with Rossum on Twitter @emmyrossum.

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