Eminem & Tech N9ne Uncensored: Music, Fame and Their Writing Process

We like to create moments on Sway in the Morning.

Today, Tech N9ne joined us for the second time in 7 days and world premiered his new hit, Speedom featuring one the greatest MCs of our time, Eminem — who also happened to be with us via phone line.

The last time these two came together for a record was in 1998 for Sway and King Tech’s The Anthem.

Years later, they’re back together and Tech explained his vision and concept for the song. It was inspired by Richie Havens’ hit “Freedom,” triggering a new thought in Tech’s mind.

“The freedom to speed,” Tech tells us. Hence their song title, ‘Speedom.’

While in-studio, these word-craftsmen explain their writing process and how they piece words together — “like a jigsaw puzzle.” And Em admits to always have his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in hip-hop. He’s always watching!

Watch below for their whole interview on Sway in the Morning, and grab Tech N9ne’s new album Special Effects, May 4th.

Listen to Tech and Em SPAZZ on their new collab, Speedom, below.

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