Eminem Pushes the Boundaries of Reality with The Weeknd “The Hills (Remix)” Visual

Wordplay from different angles, visually compelling shots to match and the skills that show exactly why in the sport of rap Eminem was able to Go Pro meshes to give us The Weeknd‘s “The Hills (Remix)” unique visual.

On a day where Marty McFly traveled to the future, it’s amazing to see just how far technology has come – even if we don’t have flying cars just yet (although autopilot is pretty close). In the new visual, the two talents push the boundaries taking us fully panoramic for a “visual/virtual reality” feature as the Rap God lays a few verses expressing the ups and downs giving “The Hills” a once in a lifetime boost to its already Billboard topping smoothness. Check it out below:

virtual reality XO ||| link in bio

A video posted by The Weeknd (@abelxo) on

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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