Eminem announces ‘Shady Wars’ video game

Eminem announces ‘Shady Wars’ video game

Eminem is taking his Grammy earning aggression to an animated arena with the release of his new mobile game “Shady Wars.”


The Real Slim Shady took to twitter to announce the launch of the new arcade style game yesterday with a caption quoted from his track “Dead Wrong,” featuring The Notorious B.I.G.

Gamers can expect an action pact experience as they transform into Eminem and challenge their friends in dodging falling bombs and chainsaws, all while gigging to some of Shady’s greatest hits (arcade style).

“Shady Wars,” was released in partnership with Shady Records and can be downloaded for free by Apple users everywhere!

Battle ‘Em All and let us know if the game is worth all the hype in the comment section below!

While you wait for “Shady Wars” to download, catch up with Marshall the last time he visited us in our Sway in the Morning studio!



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