Eminem and Gwen Stefani Remind Us "Kings Never Die" for 'Southpaw' Soundtrack + "Phenomenal" Music Video

Somebody tell these new artists, Kings Never Die.” – Em.

If you have a conversation about greatest artists of all time, doesn’t matter if you want to take it sales or leave the focus where it should be on lyrics and skill…Eminem has had a long standing residency on top of those lists. Just in case anyone was forgetting that fact, he jumps on the ‘Southpaw’soundtrack inspired “Kings Never Die” which features another musical giant in Gwen Stefani. These two larger than life figures more than deliver a fitting sound behind the movie featuring a fighter (Jake Gyllenhaal) overcoming almost impossible obstacles to succeed in getting his daughter and career back. Be sure to check it out in theaters July 24th.

As for now enjoy the overload of Eminem content below, starting with the Gwen Stefani feature in “Kings Never Die“.

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