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Elliott Wilson on Being Threatened by Artists, Squashing Beef with Snoop + The Crwn on MTV

Video by YSKSK Media

Elliott Wilson is no stranger to success — from spearheading efforts at The Source to starting his own website, RapRadar.com, and interview series, The Crwn — this OG swung by to talk about it all.

In fact, The Crwn recently locked down a deal with MTV and airs their first episode with Snoop Dogg TONIGHT at midnight! While in-studio with us, Elliott explains that him and Snoop didn’t always get along – but fortunately they squashed their beef and came together for a dope interview.

Sometimes, being an OG means that not everybody is a fan of yours. Elliott recalls being threatened by artists, along with being the big bully when necessary. At the end of the day, he stopped dissing folks and started a new wave of success.

Watch above as he talks about Biggie and Pac — and how he got his One Shot

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