Elle Fanning Gives Advice To Young Actors + Discusses New Movie + Reaches in Sway’s Mystery Sack

Being the sister of Dakota Fanning can’t be easy, but the way her new movie Neon Demon looks, Elle Fanning should have no problem claiming her independence.

The recent high school graduate’s new role isn’t something every parent would want an 18 year old playing, but Fanning says her mother was on set with her everyday.  She plays Jesse who moves to LA and joins a modeling agency, but in a world full of plastic surgery and narcissism, all the models surrounding her envies her natural beauty and she becomes like a trophy to them (described by DB).  The actress describes the theme of the movie as something that’ll make you uncomfortable, but she wanted to take this role because it was different from the others.

Elle gives advice to young actors just starting out saying “to make it work and to have the support, it has to be a family affair or else you can go into other (bad) things“.  Plus, Elle answers some questions from Sway’s Mystery Sack…like how did the paparazzi get her in trouble with Dakota?  Watch the interview to find out.  Neon Demon is in theaters today June 24!

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