Eddie Murphy’s ‘Coming To America 2’ Lands With Amazon Studios for $125 Million

Eddie Murphy’s ‘Coming To America 2’ Lands With Amazon Studios for $125 Million

Prince Akeem has left the royal village once again, only this time he finds the prime landscape of Jeff Bezos, Amazon. Eddie Murphy’s highly anticipated Coming 2 America is the long-awaited sequel to the 1998 film “Coming to America.” If we hold on a bit longer, the film will be available in the comforts of our home, and accessible right at our fingertips using the Amazon Prime streaming service. Reports say that the $125 million deal with Amazon Studios and Paramount Pictures will soon be inked and is aiming for a release date of Dec,18 2020. 

In the original film, Eddie Murphy’s character Prince Akeem leaves his kingdom in Zamunda and adopts the everyday life of an average joe in order to find a suitable woman to be his queen. Akeem’s goal was to find a woman that will love him regardless of his money and status. 

The sequel, Coming 2 America has a few surprises and a brand new storyline as the film was shot in Evander Holyfield’s – now Rick Ross’ lavish Atlanta, GA estate.  Also, the plot will follow the prince on his way back to Queens upon discovering that he has a long-lost son. Accompanying Akeem will be his best friend Semmi played by Arsenio Hall as Tracy Morgan and Wesley Snipes will also join Murphy in Coming 2 America.

Milton Berle states that Laughter is an instant vacation, so on December 18, 2020 let’s allow the Delirious Icon Eddie Murphy access to the driver seat as his comedy is sure to bring us a hysterical in-home staycation. 

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