Early Listen: Mick Jenkins 'Waves' EP Stream

“Drink. More. Water.” The Chicago talent Mick Jenkins kept us hydrated in a fame and flash thirsty world with his ‘Waters‘ mixtape last Summer. He’s back for more this August as we get an early listen to his upcoming ‘Waves‘ EP.

Riding that wave for the last year, crashing festival and venue stages alike spilling lyrics at will keeping the nation’s attention with his unique tone/delivery – it is good to get some new sounds from him as the well was running a tad dry (or maybe the anticipation was just killing us). The improvement between the first project and this one is noticeable as soon as you press play, his music selection is incredible. Fans of the ‘Waters’ project will get a dose of what they already loved plus some, while an entirely new group is headed towards Mick Jenkins as his sound continues to evolve.

Definitely rooting for this Chi town voice to continue to speak and stand out for years to come, enjoy the brand new ‘Waves’ EP stream below. Feel free to head over to iTunes get a jump on the August 21st release with a pre-order.


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