E-40 Gets Sex Advice from 87-Year Old Dr. Ruth on Sway in the Morning

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

The Doctor Is In” with her new book  and the peanut butter to Sway’s jelly,  rolls through during this in-studio series. I’m talking about none other than Dr. Ruth and E-40.

Dr. Ruth speaks on love, life and … being a Sniper?!

Yes, I said it. This youthful, 87-year old little lady tells us all, about her past as a professional Sniper. Although she admits to never killing anyone, the usually lovely Dr. Ruth gets deep and explains her heavy Sniper training underground and jokingly threatening on-air,

Any radio hosts who was not nice with me, watch out!

Quickly staying true-to-form, Dr. Ruth shared her philosophy in life and gives words of wisdom. She explains,

How important it is to keep your mood up. Sometimes if you are sad, say

Okay. Something didn’t work right. Tomorrow will be better.

She continues to preach and point at Sway saying,

And especially you people. You have that ability to have music. So with music, you can help people to get into a better mood…

E-40 chimes in with some Bay Area wisdom as well stating:

Music is therapeutic and healing. When you’re sad, you listen to some music and it can bring you up.

With those philosophical words, E-40 goes on to explain the passing of both of his grandparents, and their influence in his own mood and music. In that same context, E-40’s new track “Choices” speaks, just that. Sway’s Bay Area brethren preaches about choices that people make everyday which at the end of the road, could either lead one to the path of glory or the path of misery.

Watch the full chat with E-40 and Dr. Ruth, as she expresses her approval of people dancing and “touching each other.”

Towards the end, E-40’s track “Choices” rolls as the background music in-studio as Dr. Ruth states:

I want people to touch each other. I don’t want them to just dance by themselves.

And she proceeds to unusually grab Sway and E-40’s hands in the air. Watch this hilarious chat, in-full:


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