DUBB Makes Powerful Statement with ‘Soul of a Panther’

DUBB Makes Powerful Statement with ‘Soul of a Panther’

When you look around at the response after Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance and Kendrick Lamar’s incredible Grammy set, it speaks volumes to the impact an artist can truly have using their voice. Before either of those two big names grabbed the world’s attention there was another talent out West that has been speaking on these issues for awhile now, DUBB.

Determined. Unique. Beyond. Belief. His name serves as a proper introduction to his style, his style speaks to his purpose and the product of it all comes to us in the form of his new project ‘Soul of a Panther‘. After hooking up with DJ Carisma, Jake&Papa and a few other fresh faces  will last on your playlist well beyond Black History Month.

Check it out below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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