Draymond Green Taunts Lebron James as Michigan State Beats Rival Ohio State and #1 UNC is Stunned by Northern Iowa

Draymond Green Taunts Lebron James as Michigan State Beats Rival Ohio State and #1 UNC is Stunned by Northern Iowa

The unpredictable nature of college football and basketball is exactly why it trumps professional sports to many. This weekend showed us that no matter what the ranking shows, when the whistle blows you either perform and execute or you face bitter consequences in the form of a L. It doesn’t matter who you play, anyone can be beat.

How many times in college sports have we seen TWO preseason number one teams lose on the same day? It may take ESPN research department to pull that answer but since we don’t have that kind of time, we’ll just live in the moment of which it happened Saturday night.

Leading up to the great Michigan State vs. Ohio State rivalry game, Draymond Green and Lebron James went back and forth vouching for their respective teams in a friendly bet. Of course the Warriors forward put his faith in his alma mater and the Spartans while King James held it down for his hometown Buckeyes who happened to be the preseason #1 ranked team in the nation as well as defending National Champions. All of the hype behind the match-up was well deserved, from the initial kick off to all zeros on the clock it was exactly what we all hoped for.

When those aforementioned zeros hit the clock, it was a sea of green and white doing the celebrating as the Spartans clawed their way to a 17-14 win thanks to a last minute field goal. While Michigan State hopes to earn their way back into CFB Playoff consideration off the strength of this win and hopefully a Big 10 championship, the Buckeyes hopes have vanished.

To add insult to injury, immediately following the game both Cardale Jones and Ezekiel Elliot declared for the NFL draft. Elliot, a heisman candidate and MVP of last year’s national championship blamed the loss on the playcalling saying they weren’t put in position to win obviously upset with his limited 12 carries. Bigger picture though, why would you use that platform after a tough loss to your rival to not only announce you’re entering the draft but also bash your coaches? Dude is a super talent on the field but that’s wild.


Now, let’s switch gears a little bit and look at the college hoops side as North Carolina started the season with the top spot, confidently running through their first 3 games with ease. Although the ranking doesn’t mean much without execution on the court, the college hoops world felt as if the Tar Heels were deserving of the #1 rank but Northern Iowa wasn’t in agreement.

UNI UNC Most of the first half went as planned for Roy Williams and his squad, controlling the game on both ends of the floor. Unfortunately, once the 2nd half began it looked like the Monstars showed up and stole their talent as UNI went on a 29-8 run. Needless to say, the Tar Heels never fully recovered and were left to watch the underdogs dance at half court.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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