Drake May Be Looking At $15 Ms to $20 Ms In A New Deal; Also Has An Album Locked and Loaded

Drake is allegedly a free agent now after releasing Scorpion. He is a free agent for the first time in his career and people are wondering where he will land. Could he return to Universal or follow his label OVO Sound to Warner? Or will he trend set and land a deal directly with a streaming service such as Apple? He already has a situation with him for OVO Radio.

When you consider XXXtentacion had a $6 M to $10M deal when he signed with Empire Records it is not hard to imagine Drake pulling n $20 Ms. The rumor is he already has an album ready to drop as soon as the press release drops. This would make sense especially because he refers to a “reset” on Scorpion which could be due to the Kanye/Pusha exchange. The music he has locked and loaded could be the original Scorpion album tracks mixed in with some recently recorded tunes.

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