The longly anticipated visual for “Hotline Bling” was finally released this past Monday. While some realize that Drake’s dancing is the best component of the video, others find his unique dance moves a bit struggle worthy.

In the video, it was very obvious that Drake was feeling himself and his music. We’re not too sure where Drizzy got these dance moves from but he definitely made them his own.

It wasn’t long before the #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat hashtag was created. The Internet didn’t take much time to re-create the video with meme’s and voiceovers that make Drake’s dance moves just that much funnier. Aubrey himself reposted a video that a fan had recreated with salsa music in the back ground as he did his struggle salsa.

Check out a compilation of the funniest ones below:

Can you think of any other songs that might go well with Drizzy’s monumental dance moves? Comment below.

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