Thank GOD it’s Mondaayyyyyyyyy!

There has probably not been a better web series of motivating talks consistently than Dr. Eric Thomas’ #TGIM series. Why? Because not only did he show us firsthand his humble Detroit beginnings to now traveling the world speaking to different groups of students, coaches and professionals alike but he also walks the walk. He is now DR. Eric Thomas while we may all still know him simply as “ET”. Our special guest is one of a kind truly and has touched so many lives, in college we used to watch him EVERY single week and share important points from each episode with our friends and teammates.

From dropping out of high school and living homeless for years to a PHD – don’t ever say anything is impossible again. WORK. ‘Average Skill, Phenomenal Will‘ is a must read for everyone, whether you feel like you’re at ground zero and are working towards bettering yourself or even someone who is barely making it through college classes / their work day. Focus solely on: 1) what you do have 2) what you can do with it 3) where you are trying to get because honestly everything else outside of that can become a distraction. As he sits down with our SITM crew, it is evident throughout he is truly changing lives one speech, one page and one interaction at a time. Who else would build an entire series around the “most hated” day of the week? It’s not that Mondays were ever “bad”, it’s that people perceived them to be. Change your perception. Change your life.

Check out the inspirational interview from Dr. Eric Thomas below and be sure to add his book ‘Average Skill. Phenomenal Will’ to your reading list this Fall.

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