Dr. Dre Reveals New Protege: Meet Justin Night

West Coast legend Dr. Dre will forever be credited with presenting a (then) unknown Eminem to the masses, now it looks as if Texas artist Justin Night will follow in the footsteps of Snoop, Em, 50 Cent and most recently Kendrick Lamar, as the famed producer’s newest protege.

Born Justin Mohrle, the Dallas rapper has already created a buzz after fellow Texas emcee and legend The D.O.C. assisted in getting Night’s demo into the hands of Dre. Now Night has moved to California “indefinitely” as he prepares for an official debut, reportedly spending hours each day writing and recording at Record One, Dre’s ultra modern studio in Sherman Oaks.

Only time whether Night will live up to the hype, but in the meantime he might as well enjoy the spotlight. Take a listen at two tracks below:

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