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Dot Mob on Battling Drake, Adding Daylyt to the Team, Thoughts on Wilmore Calling Obama the N-Word + Performs Live in Studio

Video by YSKSK

“If the dictionary had a picture under the words “Ferocious MC”, it’d be all three of their faces right underneath that term.” That statement alone should let you know how dope our guest Dot Mob (@dotmobmusic) truly is. It’s so rare to see a collective hard hitting like this across the board with no weak links – Murda Mook, T-Rex and Dutch Brown aren’t even hyenas…they’re LIONS.

How long has the super group been in the making? Try since kids aged 11-12 with only dreams of reaching this point, now they’re not only here but they’re ill too. If you’ve caught any of their battles then you know what it is when it comes to bars – wack MCs proceed with caution. Their team got even stronger adding Daylyt who also grew up near the collective.

We all know how many L’s Murda Mook has handed out over the years, so it wasn’t overly surprising when he stood toe to toe with Drake with every intention on adding one more to his battling body count. He speaks more on why the battle never actually took place and gives valid reason why he’s more focused on the art of songs vs. battling at the moment. That’s one of the most amazing things to witness, a “battle rapper” heavy punchline influenced artist transition into songwriting and it grows to blend the two sides – always a thing of beauty.

Working with DJ Whoo Kid giving us jabs here and there as they prepare us for that project on the way, it wasn’t possible for them to leave without hitting us with a live performance. Check it out below:

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