Dorrough Music Drops "Beat Up The Block" ft. Lil Boosie


Off his upcoming, TexaFornia, Dorrough Music drops “Beat Up The Block” featuring Lil Boosie.

“One week before Boosie went to Jail I was at his home in Baton Rouge working with him for my 1st Gangsta Grillz Mixtape at the time.” Dorrough tells us on “He recorded at verse to my “Ice Cream Paint Job” Remix and before i could get the files from his engineer the Feds took his computer when he went in and we never got a chance to retrieve the files so the music never came out. 4 and a half years later, About a month after he got out of jail we linked up at a Carshow and Concert in Dallas where we chopped it up and got back on the same accord we left off from and decided to work on a new record. “Beat Up The Block” is more than just a hit song, its speaks about and to our culture. I feel like we really captured a unique and yet a very special collabrative sound for the new future of the south.”

Produced by Digital University (Q Smith & Norm T), listen below.

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